Wild Child

Live at Rex Theater, Pittsburgh

"Wild Child doesn’t want a place to hide. Song after song, town after town, they’ll wear their hearts on their sleeves, addicted to the rush that only comes when thousands of strangers know all your secrets and sing them back to you, because they’re their secrets, too.

'It’s not necessarily the performing that’s addictive, but being able to connect with that many people at once,' says Kelsey Wilson, who shares lead vocal and songwriting responsibilities for the Austin-based seven-piece band with Alexander Beggins. 'You feel like you’re together in something––like you experience the whole thing together. It’s family therapy with a lot of dancing.'

Wild Child’s third album Fools (out via Dualtone Records) is an ambitious collection of lush pop that takes sad stories and transforms them into an ebullient love letter to the power of music and the art of living with yourself." – From the official website of Wild Child.



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Politics are a murky business. Though wherever you find yourself leaning on the political spectrum, “Statesmen” are poised to campaign a cleaner set of policies. Born and raised representatives of the first state, Kyle Trask, Josh Yost, and Jilian Melamed are amending any preconceptions of pop-rock music as you know and enjoy it. In and of itself, the band’s name is, in a way, intended to deconstruct the oxymoron of an “honest politician” — that is, their music is straight-forward; their lyrics and soul are a transparent regime. These three musicians aren’t about lobbying cliches in order to please an audience; their cause is one of experiences and motivation that they believe to be a part of the shared human experience.

When asked about the story behind their name, Kyle responds, “It’s to remind people to be their own person and make their own choices. Statesmen are political leaders who tend to try to please as many people as they can…but someone is always bound to disagree with them. So why not just campaign on the premise of something you love, or the things you dream about? We’re here to see where a little honesty gets us in a musical world of politics.” 

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