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Dr. Jacob Olupona
Harvard Divinity College Chairman of the Committee of African Studies and Professor of African Religious Traditions

University of Pittsburgh: African Studies Department

Event Photography

For the African Studies Department's sponsored event: Diverse Spiritualities: Embodiment and Relationality In Religions of African and its Diasporas.

This event features Harvard Divinity College Chairman of the Committee of African Studies and Professor of African Religious Traditions, Dr. Jacob Olupona. His keynote presentation was titled “Embodiment, Relationality, and Materiality in African Religion and the African Diaspora Traditions" and was presented in the Blueprints of Commons Room in the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning.


MacElree Harvey, Ltd.

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"With roots that reach back to 1880, MacElree Harvey uses the traditional values of professionalism and excellence as the foundation for the firm’s identity. Our attorneys are encouraged to build on these traditional values through Initiative – creative problem-solving, proactive planning, and strategic positioning.

MacElree Harvey attorneys have long had a reputation for Initiative® – in listening, in counsel, in court, and in protecting the interests of every client.

Our law firm’s reputation has been earned from over a century of hard work and diligent service. It is a reputation that causes our clients to rely on us every day – and to look ahead with the confidence that we will be here for generations to come."


Olson Zaltman

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"Olson Zaltman is a pioneer in the use of mind science to unlock the hidden power of the unconscious,
helping marketers understand consumer beliefs, behaviors, and decision-making."

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